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Forget about arguments and doubts by using your Apple Watch to keep the score of your matches. Discover professional match stats to help you analyse your game.

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No more arguments about points. As simple as raising your arm and clicking on the winning team on each point. Because yes, even the WPT judges sometimes get it wrong – it even tells you who is serving next!

And yes, you can set up your matches to suit your style of play. Whether you’re an advantage player or prefer golden points. Or just play a quick tie-break to see who pays for dinner – good luck!

Your Matches, as You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Remember that epic match where you came back from the impossible? Of course you do, because you have it on the Padel Watch iPhone app. Along with professional stats, set by set, so you can reminisce about the best matches and keep track of your progress as a player.

Because you’re not just a number on a scale, what counts is what happens on the court. And that’s what we tell you.


All you need to do is download the Padel Watch app from the App Store and install it on your Apple Watch to start playing. If it doesn’t appear on your watch, do the following:

  • Open the App Store on your Apple Watch.
  • Click on “Account“.
  • Select “Purchased” and then “My Purchases“.
  • Find the “Padel Watch” app and click on the icon to install it.

You can also search for “Padel Watch” in the App Store on your Apple Watch (remember, not on your phone, on the watch).

Padel Watch is a padel scoreboard that allows you to keep track of your match points easily and intuitively from your Apple Watch.

But Padel Watch is not just a padel app that manages points between players. It also allows you to customise your matches:

  • Activate the golden point for more agile matches.
  • Test yourself with a Tie Break.
  • Play quick matches with a Tie Break or Super Tie Break.

The iPhone app lets you monitor your progress and view advanced stats for your matches – just like the pros!

Count points on court with your Apple Watch and use the iPhone app to keep track of everything.

For now, the version is only available for iOS, so only users with an Apple Watch can use the app.

No, the Padel Watch points counter can be used unlimited and free of charge. Advanced statistics and other features may be subject to subscription (paid) membership.

When you win a point, simply tap on your watch. The app takes care of the countdown so you can just focus on the court.

Apple Watch is the best sports watch for padel because it’s like wearing your own trainer on your wrist: it tracks your sporting activity, it’s sweat-resistant and very comfortable.

And to play more and better, our recommendation is that you opt for a silicone strap, as it fits perfectly on your wrist and is very easy to wash afterwards.

Padel players and clubs all over the world who use Apple Watch are asking the same question.

The truth is that within the Apple Watch training modes there is still no “padel” option, so you will have to select “tennis”, as it is the most similar sport listed.

If you use Padel Watch, in the Settings screen you can activate the option “Record training”. When you start a match, a “Tennis” training session will start automatically. Once the match is over, the training will stop and you can check the stats in the “Activity” or “Health” app on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports, both in Spain and the rest of the world, so finding facilities nearby shouldn’t be a problem, but if not, you can book a court online.

If not, you can book a court online. How? There are apps that allow you to reserve a space for a limited time. Get your padel rackets ready and organise your own tournaments!

We recommend you to keep up to date with the news related to the world of padel published by platforms such as Padelstar, follow the World Padel Tour matches that are organised every year and download the Padel Watch app to find out how the points have been in each match.

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